It costs to keep the site and I can no longer keep it going. 
As no one has contributed to keep the site going for years
via the Pay Pal button at the bottom of the page to help keep it
free for those using my work,  I have made the decisions to close it.
I am sorry to have to do it.
Those who have used my work can continue to do so as per the TOU below.
Recently I've had a lot of emails from people from NON ENGLISH
speaking groups/forums/countries asking me permission (I think) to
use my work in handicrafts or other things that I've yet to translate/work out
exactly what it is you want to do with my work.
I am flattered you like my work but my apologies for not being able
to answer you immediately.  Its just I am trying to work out what it is
you have emailed me about.
I would like samples/previews of your work please so I may see
what you are requesting.   As per my Terms of Use my ´┐Ż and URL
MUST appear on anything using my work.
When linking to my site please TEXT link
TO THIS PAGE so that everyone can read my TOU
DO NOT Hotlink anything on this site!!
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♥You may use them for designing sig tags, personal websets
and personal stationary only.
♥You may add sparkles, glitter or animated accents to them 
but no distortion of the image is allowed.  Colourisng is allowed.
♥Please add ©AusPosers  and a link to this site
to all images using my work.
(This means on the image/tag itself not just on a page somewhere on your site.!)
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♥Do NOT claim them as your own
(This means: DO NOT make something with MY work and
then put Your copyright on it or copyright it to your Group.)

♥Do NOT place them on your website for download.
(Instead link them to this site so they may download directly)
♥Do NOT send through emails to members of your Group.
(You may send a text link to this site ONLY)

♥Do NOT add them to any collection or CD for sale

♥Do NOT offer them for sale or in any way make a profit from them
either on the web or personally.
(DO NOT sell websets  or tags made with my work. 
If you wish to do this Please contact me for more information)

♥Do NOT add to any site that has paid membership.
♥Do NOT change the original file names
♥Do NOT add to Dolls. Use tube intact or not at all.
♥Do NOT offer tubes in tutorials.
(Please email me for permission first &
put a text link to my site so they can download the tube from here themselves.
I do not change my pages around so the links should always work. )
NB  Pages are all coded so I will be able to see who visits and what is taken!!
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Do you like crafting and card making?
Then you will love this site!    
Check out all my designs!  Over 1000 to choose from. 

Each year I have to pay to keep this domain.

If you like my work, please help me keep it and therefore
keep my work FREE.    If you could afford a small donation
to  help pay and cover the cost of the domain and hosting fees,
it would be very much appreciated.  Every little bit will help.

Thank You 

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What a wonderful suprise I got the other day when I opened my email!
Someone sent me an award for my site.....how awesome is that!!
Thank You to the people at Poser4U for this award.....makes the time and
effort a little less painful!!   It is very much appreciated.




Webset and all graphics ´┐ŻAusPosers 2006
Do not copy or repost in full or part thereof